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5,000 Pull-Ups in 27 Days – Done! + I might have blown a gasket

June 27, 2011

Pull-ups: 0 today (yup, zero!)/ 1,000 June

Push-ups:  268 today / 5,000 June

My admittedly arbitrary June solo strength challenge has come to a close.  Today I finished my 5,000th push-up for the month; the 1,000th pull-up for the month was done two days ago.  I feel pretty good overall and I think this sort of training, done periodically throughout the day as time and energy permits, is much closer to an ideal workout arrangement than the more typical concentrated gym time.  It keeps the blood flowing all day long and is a great way of releasing stress and/or pent up energy when the need arises.  The nice thing about push-ups, and to a lesser extent pull-ups, is that they can be done just about anywhere, without special equipment, clothes, or much space.

I’m giving myself a metaphorical hearty pat on my chronically exhausted back for ticking the box for the June goals.  But July is looming.  I’m now contemplating something for my core and 10 minutes of daily plank sounds like a reasonable idea.  I’d say it is a little too easy for a goal but it would be on top of maintaining strength training, upping the running, and then there is still swimming and hiking and all the rest of life’s activities.

But, I’m reluctant to jump into anything until I find out what’s going on with a persistent pain/discomfort in my lower left abdomen.  Whatever it is, it isn’t new.  I can’t really remember it not feeling a twinge from time to time but the discomfort is increasing in both frequency and severity.  It feels a little like a rubber band being snapped across doorknob, which wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t inside of my body.  It’s nothing I couldn’t live with indefinitely but I want to be smart about taking care of myself, especially as training volume continues to increase.  I’m pretty sure it is a minor hernia but at times it feels more like this:

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