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6 months from today

December 28, 2013

That’s when I’m hoping/planning/fearing my start in Squaw Valley, California for what will be – if all goes well – something less than a 30-hour day to cover the 100 miles through the mountains to Auburn, California.  My focus on the Western States 100 requires daily discipline, though the steps to getting there are rather ambiguous.  I haven’t walked a step in a month, and haven’t had a legitimately long run since my lack-luster 100k around the Boulder Reservoir back in October.  It is unclear when my first post-injury, unaided steps will be, though I am repairing a bit more each day.

I’m working on rehab and general fitness quite bit, with the “easy” days consisting of 90 minutes of band stretching to strengthen my hips, which my fantastic physical therapist (shout out to Larry Meyer!) says will help the achilles’ rehab and other running issues I’ve had.  The longer days still include the 90 minutes of band stretching, done in three 30-minute sessions (often while watching Sons of Anarchy) as well as 1-2 hours on the stationary bike and/or hand bike, plus some strength training in the mix.  And, then there are the twice a week PT appointments, which are entertaining, interesting, and moderately painful.  All-in-all, it is a significant part-time job trying to get myself healthy and fit and whole again, with much support from Alison (my driver), Larry the PT, and the ongoing help and humor of friends and family, near and far.

While there’s not much to see as far as me sitting on various exercise equipment at the Y, Alison and I thought the stretching poses were worthy of sharing.  Here’s the worst of the three poses…

photo 1

Then there’s the leg-spreadder…

photo 2

And finally the belly-exposer…

photo 4

72 total minutes of static holds every single day (with 18 minutes of trying to efficiently change positions during the 8-20 second timed rest breaks) has my hips and core constantly tired but there’s no doubt I’m getting stronger, having increased either the time per rep or level of resistance roughly every other day.  It’s not running but it’s something and, combined with the cardio work, has me feeling like I’m at least maintaining fitness.

And everyone knows there is nothing more important in the history of the universe than the maintenance of my fitness.



  1. olgav100 permalink

    The leg-spreader called the clam! You are one dedicated dude, gotta tell ya.

    • Yesterday I rode the stationary bike 2.5 hours after 1.5 the day before. Today hopefully an hour on the handcycle. Curious how the fitness will translate come June. Hope you are on your own road back!

      Cheers, Mike


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