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Baltimore Marathon – Rookie Mistakes

October 15, 2005

I went into this marathon, my second overall but longest run in 4 years, with a decent training cycle.  I wanted to improve upon my Chicago 2001 time of 3:59.  Through the first 10 miles I was confident.  By halfway I was certain, having run about 1:50-something and still feeling quite good.  Then, just minutes later, crash.  I entered a long hilly section (in retrospect, probably only about 3 miles and not that steep) and it destroyed me.  I ended up having to walk multiple times for many minutes at a stretch, something that I hadn’t done before or since (as of June 3, 2011) on any road race.  I ended up running 4:42:44, which isn’t a horrible time unless your goal is 3:50.  So, that second half took me about 2:45, which just shouldn’t happen…unless you train improperly for the course and go in cocky.

Still always good to finish a marathon, which I did at a full sprint, as I always try to.  Blissfully ignorant as to what the rest of the morning had in store, I was happy to be almost at the start line (with fresh breath)…

And Alison was good at catching me at a point that I imagine must have been in the first half…

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