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TransRockies Run: Buena Vista, Colorado start line

August 23, 2009

Trying to capture all the emotion and excitement and anxiety of the TransRockies is, given my limited vocabulary and time, not possible.  But, I can at least put up some pictures.  The event/race took place from August 23-28, 2009 and I ran the whole thing – all 113+ miles – basically side-by-side with Andres Capra.  We suffered and laughed and had good days and bad days.  Ultimately, we finished 41st out of 133 starting teams of 2.  Pretty good for two guys who were, by any standard, some of the least experienced and least accomplished in the entire field.

At the start, Day 1 (this may have been the least scenic part, to give you some idea of how bad-ass the trip was):

I think I may have been literally the only one of the 266 who hadn’t, up until that point, at least run an ultra-marathon, Ironman, or other multi-day event.  We’re off, roughly 1 minute into 6 days of running…


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