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TransRockies Run: Down time

August 24, 2009

It wasn’t all running.  Really.  The longest day was about 25 miles, the shortest a mere 10 and change (though that stage included a 3000 ft climb to about 14,000 ft).  I think we ranged from about 2.5-5 hours of daily running, meaning that even with ample sleep there was time to spend with family, new friends, and our thoughts.

Our stay in Leadville was especially nice, since it was the closest thing to a “real” town in the first few days.  At over 10,000 ft, Leadville is rough and rugged, with wild weather swings and hard scrabble people.  But, it also has a quaintness about it and a downtown that feels ultra-American but somehow from a different era.

Stiff-legged with a lot of running ahead, I was really happy to be able to spend some quality time with Sagan…

We indulged by staying in a high-end luxury resort along the way, mostly because I was longing for a different place to sleep fully clothed (still rehabbing that broken pinkie)…


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