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Traveling lightly, sort of

March 24, 2011

For the last about 4 years I’ve traveled over distances great and small with Sagan slung across my chest, carried on my back, or riding on my shoulders.  It is a good way for him to see the world even when his energy runs out.  And I get to fit in a bit of extra exercise while sharing beautiful scenery all over the world, from Paris to Amsterdam to Rome to Dublin and NYC to New Mexico to Chicago to Florida.  (Just a sampling of the photographic evidence is provided below.)  And as he gets bigger, I have to get stronger.

Here’s one from today, making a family hike up to Divisadero Peak in Taos,  New Mexico.  Just days before – on a father/son hike to celebrate my birthday in the only way I really wanted – Sagan had made the same ~2.5 mile, 1400 foot climb entirely on his own so this time he didn’t feel like he had anything more to prove on the route.

For more of the same general flavor…

One of my all-time favorites, near Lake Shore Drive in Chicago (October, 2009):

In San Diego to cheer on Alison during her 3Day walk (November 2010):

In Edinburgh, Scotland with HomeExchange friends (August 2010):

In Dun Laoghaire, Ireland (July 2010):

A rare documentation of “the transition,” AKA “Flip and Drop” in Galway, Ireland, summer 2010):

And again!  Also somewhere on the Emerald Isle…

Rain can’t stop us:

Ok, now this is just getting ridiculous:

Now in New York City (June 2010):

And snuggled warmly Paris (Fall 2008)…

And in Barcelona (Fall 2008)…

And in Boston (Fall 2008)….

And in Bruges, Belgium (Fall 2008)…

And in Brussels, Belgium (Fall 2008)…


  1. This series of pictures made me ovulate.

  2. 1. Does that lady in San Diego have an inflatable penis in her hand?
    2. Judging from the Boston photo, I am not ultra-running material yet. Although, you should have seen me when I came face to face with 10 (yes 10) skunks living under my bike shed.

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