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Not sure if I can really take a day off + Why I sent a semi-nude photo to my wife

June 8, 2011

Pull-ups: 60 today / 361 June

Push-ups: 300 today / 1648 June

Wednesdays and now Saturdays are my designated days off, at least for running. But, I get so excited to not be running that I’m finding myself even more motivated to do other stuff. Not only did I do 3 loads of laundry and dishes and fix the blender and make fake snow with Sagan, I was eager to hit the push-ups and pull-ups, which then turned into core work and a short but solid swim. So, I’m not sure my body is getting the true benefit of the days off but I’m feeling good and rolling with it.

The day off of running today gave me the opportunity to read about the Rep. Anthony Weiner saga. It seems that a month doesn’t go by when some high profile, generally well-respected, almost always married guy sends a pic of some manflesh to someone who, more often than not, isn’t interested in the first place. House Reps Christopher Lee (R) and Anthony Weiner (D), Senator Paul Stanley (R), Bishop Eddie Long, Brett Favre, are some of the more recent folks but these things aren’t exactly new or rare, especially for politicians.  The odd part, at least to me, is the compulsion to send the photos, especially over text and email.  What’s the upside, guys?  Even if you do “get away with it,” which you probably won’t, is sending that crotch-shot to your intern or caterer or that hostess from Chili’s going to close the deal?  Is there any possible way you don’t end up, at a bare minimum, feeling pathetic and more pathetic?

I figured I just don’t get it and just won’t get it unless I walk a few pixels in their pants.  (Is that the right expression?) I don’t have that special someone in my extra-marital life who might appreciate any of my uncovered parts sent unsolicited through digital means.  But, I do have my wife and I could be pretty confident that my experiment, if directed at her, would result in nothing worse than some eye-rolling.  That’s something I’m pretty used to.  So, I fired up the ol’ iPhone camera, and just seconds later my point-and-shoot was en route to my beloved.  It seems I did something wrong, as her response was underwhelming.  Perhaps I wore one too many pairs of shorts?  Are such photos supposed to be done after a full-torso hair removal?  Or maybe my failing was in not being an elected official or professional athlete?  I may never know and Al isn’t providing any constructive feedback, via text or otherwise.  Next time I guess I’ll just send this sort of thing to a stranger on Craigslist or my congressional aide, should the opportunity present itself.


  1. See, when you just sent it to Al, it wasn’t REALLY in compu-sphere yet. Now it is, Expect your city rep for a White House (or whatever, I don’t know much about politics) to knock on your door soon. Reporters are in the bushes already.

    I feel like that on days off running too, like guilty, or something. It passes with aging:)

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