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Short-Long run good end to the running week

June 17, 2011

Pull-ups: 30 today / 664 June

Push-ups: 175 today / 3,175 June

10 miles is a good distance.  Though technically my “long” run of the week, it is short enough to squeeze in whenever, rather than having to plan the day around it.  It is long enough to feel like some real work was done but short enough to leave me with plenty of energy for the rest of the day.  I got it done on a treadmill at a hotel gym in Orlando on the last full day of my non-Disney vacation.  The first 7 miles were split up a couple times by pull-up breaks, which I decided to intersperse with the running since the treadmill’s kill switch button was situated in such a way (right in front at hip level) that I literally ran into it a couple of times.  Since hitting that emergency button required a complete restart, I ran the 10 miles in a few chunks.  All of it was on a gentle “rolling hills” program, and I was disciplined enough to stay nice and slow the first 7 miles, progressively speeding up until I hit just above 7-minute/M pace at the end.

The push-ups and pull-ups are becoming quite a chore.  And for a guy who is almost always eager to fold some more laundry or wash a few more dishes, let it be clear that I’m using the word “chore” in its more generally accepted, largely negative,  connotation for all the pushing and pulling.  17 days in and I continue to wake up sore every single day.



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