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Easy day today, maybe not tomorrow

June 20, 2011

Pull-ups: 39 today / 775 June

Push-ups: 200 today / 3,641 June

Just an easy 6M and a bit of core work today.  But, due to a major guilt trip from running buddy Andres, who is running 24M on hilly trail tomorrow, I’m switching things around some this week.  I had planned on 16M on Friday but I’m instead going to head out tomorrow morning with Andres because otherwise I’ll have to listen to him telling me “but I’ll be so lonely” and “we haven’t run together for weeks” and all that.  Really, I’m looking forward both to the trails, which I’ve been foregoing in favor of the treadmill lately, and the companionship during a few hours in the heat and dirt.

The plan is now for me to meet up with him an hour or so into his run and just hang on for 16-18 miles.  Since he’s quicker than me, especially when running for “just” a few hours, I’ll likely suffer more than I’d otherwise choose to on this kind of workout.  But, it isn’t like my self-crafted training plan is precision science and going a little harder or longer than originally planned isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  I’m not looking for any sort of red-line effort but the heat, hills, and distance will be yet another good test.



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