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12M felt almost like a day off + Multi-day endurance quests

July 8, 2011

I was “supposed” to do 11M today but I was feeling good and tacked one more mile on.  12M seems like a more meaningful distance than 11M and it was kind of fun pushing the pace over the last few miles, which I’m convinced is important both physically and mentally when looking ahead to strong race finishes.  1:50 for 12M isn’t exactly blazing but it was nice to run it, finish fast, and have plenty left in the tank.

I know I need to keep myself focused on the most immediate goal: a strong marathon performance in St. George on October 1st.  That’s the “A” race of the year and I am properly excited about it.  The hardest training miles are still ahead but the last nearly 6 weeks have been going really well.  Well enough, in fact, that I’ve had some trouble keeping my mind from thinking about the “what’s next” post-marathon.  I know I want to get back to where I believe my strengths lie – in long, often solitary, and usually more rugged, uncertain terrain.  And there are some events/adventures – organized and otherwise – that I can’t get out of my head.

The 3 great America trails – The Continental Dive Trail, The Appalachian Trail, and The Pacific Crest Trail – are all intriguing.  Each takes months of significant daily hiking, usually more than half a year to do the entire route of just one trail.  Combining extra-minimalist, light-weight gear and a good bit of running, the time can be cut in half or more.  In either case, this is something to contemplate for the not-so-immediate future, maybe a few years down the line when I can get enough fitness, experience, family-and-friends’ support, and logistical issues arranged.  But, if you are reading this and think that a day, week, or long out cruising through the woods sounds good sometime maybe around 2015, let’s talk.

As something of a warm-up, life circumstances permitting, I’m seriously considering giving the significantly shorter (85M) Enchanted Circle a shot in 2012, probably over 3 days but maybe in just two.  I’ll need a couple enthusiastic crew members and welcome some runner companions.  How about you?

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