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A lot like two days in one

July 21, 2011

I woke up this morning later than planned.  No, that’s not exactly right, since I didn’t really have a time in mind to get up.  As often as possible, I sleep until I wake up on my own, which is typically 9.5 hours.  That holds true whether I fall asleep at 8pm or 2am.  Between the evening run the night before and then digging into Bill Bryson’s A Walk in the Woods, I didn’t get to sleep until about midnight.


A Walk in the Woods

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That meant up at 9:30am, having missed any chance of hitting the trails before the heat.  But, it isn’t like anyone is making me run and I’m really happy that, after roughly 60 miles over the preceding few days I still had the energy (or at least the will) to head out for more.  So, I suited up and made it to the Rift Valley Trail by 11am with sun blazing, ran/plodded through the 10M loop in what felt at times fast but was actually some of my slowest miles in months, and was back home, showered, and fed by 2pm.

Now up to 70 miles in 6 days, my legs were feeling ok but some sporadically intense fatigue hit me.  I rarely take naps but figured I better be caught up on rest before Al and Sagan arrive tomorrow.  With that in mind, I crashed hard for a couple hours.  Up at 4pm, I started the day for the second time.  This “new” day included a short-term relocation to Santa Fe, about an hour-and-a-half south of Taos, to be ready to reunite with the Austin Randalls.  Rolling into town about 7pm, I figured since it was sort of like a new day, no reason not to get in a run.  Which is just what I did.  I got in another 5M on the roads near the plaza, quickly showered, and headed out for a late, solo, painfully mediocre dinner at Il Vicino, a pizza joint with a line out the door for reasons still unclear to me.  At least it looks cool and I had a chance to get back to Bryson’s most excellent story while dining.

santafe Santa Fe

It was a good day.  Or two.  With my 5th run in 3 days and up to 75 miles so far this week, I’m looking forward to taking a day off soon.  But not tomorrow.

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