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Blogging, Boulder, Bumps, and Bruises

June 28, 2012

I’ve actually gotten myself kind of worked up about blogging.  Not in the “I’m going to kick some blogging ass with extra super totally awesome posts” way, unfortunately.  It has been more a source of creeping guilt mixed with low level  anxiety crossed with an undercurrent of overwhelmedness.  The thing is, the more I’m training and enjoying life, the less time and energy I have for talking about it.  While that may be just fine for me, I’ve got all of you – fans just itching to know about my clumsy falls and mile splits – to think about.  And I haven’t been fair by holding back the spectacular details of my daily life.  So, this post if for you, reader of my blog.  I do it all for you.

Like a sailor crossing the, uh, something or another, I’m looking ahead into the distance with utter disregard for metaphors.  I may sprinkle in some details from the last few weeks in future posts but, for now, I’m going to start mostly with today and concentrate on the here and now, man.

It is worth mentioning, to help fill out rather important pieces of my very recent back story, that I’ve now been in Boulder for exactly two weeks.  14 days.  We left Austin to avoid the soul-melting heat, arriving in Boulder just in time for a record-setting streak of high temps, with 1oo+ degree days being something of a regular thing.  In that time I’ve run 13 times (one day off where I just did strength training instead of running), logging 157 miles over a total of 1599 minutes (26.25 hours).  Most has been on trail with an assortment of new friends and some great guys I met while here last summer.  Quite a bit of the mileage has been run on mountain trails between 8,500′-11,500′ (photos from one of the 15-milers in the high country), though I’ve also been exploring town and the Boulder Creek path and the foothills, usually around 6MPH.

Today was a good day, as I both enjoyed it and gives a pretty good feel for what my time here is all about, at least as far as the see-how-much-I-can-run part goes.  Despite a later than expected bedtime last night, I was up by 5am.  By 6am I was at a new trail head with a new friend, the super runner, ultra entertaining blogger, and really interesting guy, George Zack.  He showed me the way to the top of Sanitas and around the parts of some of the close-in trail that aren’t on fire.

I did have my first real fall since arriving to town, with plenty of rock rash on my hands, arm and hip.  I figured the photo below  was the only reasonable way to share the injury visuals.

By 8:15am I was back home, showered, changed into new running gear, sorta fed (again and always), and driving Sagan to camp.  By 8:45am I was back on my feet, running what totaled another 15 miles between a run with buddies along Boulder Creek and the solo round-trip from the house to to the creek.  21 miles into the day, I was home and again showered and fed by noon, able to slip in a nap and some extra Story snuggle time, that typically looks something like this:

Now, I’ve gotten a longish blog post in, along with some figurative and literal housekeeping, and I get to spend the evening with the whole family.  Tomorrow might be a full-on rest day (push-ups don’t count), my first since June 9th.  Or, maybe just a little run if I can’t help it.

So happy to be here.  In upcoming posts expect to hear some Tales of the Man Called “Rock,” my thoughts about prairie dogs, and what it is like being the only guy in a running group with guys whose marathon PR times all start with 2:2.

  1. Anonymous permalink

    That’s the gayest picture I’ve ever seen.

  2. Good running with you yesterday!

  3. Hello nurse.

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