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Betasso AM run + A detailed exploration of my breakfast

July 11, 2012

Easy 7 miles this morning with Marty K., Mike S., and Scott W. on the rolling single track at Betasso Preserve.  With the exception of about a mile halfway through I felt pretty beat – heavy legs, not enough rest – but nothing hurt and I was able to get through it and enjoy the cool, sunny morning on the mostly empty trail.

Some friends ask about what I eat.  I usually respond with one-off rambling monologues full of “and LOTS of quinoa” and “you can’t eat too many vegetables”.  While I stand by those foodie cliches they don’t really help anyone looking to put together meals.  So, I’m going to make a regular habit of included posts with my meals.  These aren’t meant to be recipes, as I rarely measure anything and usually make as big of dishes as my ingredients will allow.  Here’s my first installment, the breakfast I just ate:

The veggie mix is broccoli, tomatoes, onions, and spinach, stir fried in olive oil with some green chili salsa.  The toasted english muffin is from the Food for Life line of sprouted grain products.  (A wide variety of sprouted grain products from Food for Life and other manufacturers is available at “normal” grocery stores.”  Three eggs scrambled with coconut milk and half an avocado on top.  A glass of OJ and some water.  With the exception of the avocado and green chili salsa, the meal is made with organic ingredients.  It took me about 15 minutes to make and while I don’t have an exact price breakdown, I’m guessing it cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $5.  Without organic ingredients a similar meal would be about half the price.

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