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Big Miles, No Whammies + Full Family Coloradoishness

September 16, 2012

Looking for the best way to sicken yourself on high performance sports nutrition products?  I think the good folks at Wait Wait, Don’t Tell me figured it out.

Matt W. had a good day a the Sliprock 50-Miler, his first shot at the distance.  Despite it being an unexpected 3 miles longer and a total of 12,000′ of climbing, with about half the field DNFing, Matt was steady and strong and is now a no-shit ultra-marathoner.

Silke Koester crushed it at the Run Rabbit Run 50-Miler, 3rd woman and 10th overall on another course where just finishing under the time cut-off would have been a big accomplishment.

Good Colorado-lifestyle day for the family.  I got a nice trail run, Alison hiked with a neighbor friend, Sagan worked on his mountain-boy skills with some climbing and kayaking, and Story pooped outside (ok, in her diaper and that’s not much of a milestone).

Sagan at the top of one of his 4 ascents:

And enjoying a little down time, mid-paddle:

10 miles this morning along the Switzerland trail with the usual Sunday crew: Marty, Rock, Smitty, and Brett, plus a couple of guys I haven’t run with much, including Chris, who has recently started exploring meditation, trail running, and social exercise, roughly all at the same time.  Chris knows all sorts of stuff about hawks and trees and what eats who and why and when.  Nice to have a nature guide along to describe what we’re actually looking at as we cruised through the forest at 9,000′.

I got in my planned long double Thursday-Friday, totaling about  10 hours and 45 miles all over town.  It was an odd way to do long runs, as I didn’t plot a course either day and just ran wherever, incorporating about an hour in the middle of each run to join up with The Library Guys (a rotating mix including Marty, Rock, Brett, Smitty, and an assortment of whoever else shows up for loosely organized group runs that often start at, you guessed it, the library).  Over the two runs I weaved through town, up and down the foothills and Wonderland trails, Sanitas, Flagstaff, Green (with summit), Boulder Creek, and neighborhoods in between.  A good chunk of technical, steep, rocky stuff, and I fell just once, on a nearly flat, mostly smooth, well lit stretch of sidewalk.  Ridiculous, but at least I got to practice my roll-so-I-don’t-break-myself maneuver, right in front of whoever was watching from the rows of houses on either side of me.  I’m so tough that (after brushing off wood chips, cleaning off blood, feeling sorry for myself for a minute, then taking a picture) I immediately popped up and ran my ass the 5 miles back home.

The major obstacle I somehow couldn’t find my way over without a somersault:

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