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Big Week: Hogback X 8, Kinda a Marathon Around Boulder, St. Vrain Glacier Trail, & I Peed on a Dog’s Face

September 24, 2012

Photo: Alfred de Wijn.  One scene from Saturday’s run, aspens changing colors.

Last week was a big one, running-wise.  The 81.5 logged miles doesn’t really tell the story, since it was an oddly structured week, only running 5 days and no doubles.

Sunday 10, 1:36

Slightly up, then slightly down Switzerland trail with the usual Sunday crew.  Pretty steady pushing 8-minute-miles on the return.

Monday 15.6, 4:50

I figured Monday was a good chance to give a workout a try that I’d been contemplating for a few weeks: looped repeats on the Hogback Ridge trail.  It’s about 1.75 miles long, with about 1300 ft of total elevation change from the starting point of the loop.  I set up my own mini aid station cooler at the base and hiked up then ran down it as many times as I could fit in between noon and dinner, alternating clock-wise and counter-clock-wise loops over the technical, rocky terrain.

Photo: Protrails

Was able to get in 8 repeats, plus a little mileage too and from the house.  Great CR100 training terrain and for the mental challenge.  Estimate about 5500′ of total climb – pretty stout for me over such a relatively short distance.  Cute baby rattlesnake gave me a scare on loop #7.

Tuesday 0, 0:00

No running but got in what has become my go-to cross-training/semi-recovery day: an hour on the rowing machine (12,400 meters in an hour seems to be just about right for a good workout without crushing myself) and some easy strength training.

Wednesday 11.4, 2:04

Boulder Reservoir r/t via Boulder Valley Ranch (BVR) trails.  Nothing technical but ran the whole thing rather than hiking the few short but steep hills.

Photo: Sean Hudson

Thursday 25.9, 5:08

Only resembled a marathon in the distance.  Ran entirely with Chris Petrizzo, chatting the whole way with an easy effort throughout.  Meandered through BVR, Foothills, Wonderland Lake, various neighborhoods, joined up with the Library Crew for an hour on Boulder Creek, then a return trip through the heart of town.

Friday 0,0:00

Only second genuine rest day in last 5 weeks.  Long overdue.

Saturday 18.6, 4:20

Photo: me.  I get lost and this served as my “oh shit” map on my phone.

Out-and-back along the St. Vrain Glacier Trail with the Boulder Trail Running Breakfast Club in the Indian Peaks Wilderness area, with some extra distance for exploring over boulder fields.  Lots of great photos of the day.  Easy effort with the exception of the final 3-4 miles, where Scott ManningMatt W., and I pushed the pace on the downhill (had to get down to 7-minute pace for a while to catch Scott – nice to get a tempo effort for a piece 4 hours into a run!).

Photo: Matt W.  Turn-around point for Saturday, just above treeline.

I pee a lot, certainly more than others I run with.  That means frequent stops and I’m no longer one to stray far from the trail just for a little relief.  During one such stop I was mid-stream when one of the dogs of a fellow runner stuck its nose right under my crotch, taking a pee slap across the snoot. No one seemed put off, not me nor the owner, nor the dog, so we just got on with the run.

Photo: me.  Not the most runnable section of our off-trail route.  Jay, lovingly helping his pee-nosed-dog down a 60-degree rock face.


Bear Chase Trail Race

I’m now just under 5 weeks out from the big race.  Feeling good, ready to get after it this week in training, with one last race this Sunday as my final real tune-up.  I’ll be pushing a good bit at the Bear Chase 50k and, while not expecting a PR on tired legs, it should be a good fitness test.  I just found out this race will post live tracking so check it out and feel free to follow my progress.

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