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Dogs on trails: Not man’s best friends

January 17, 2009

Went out for a leisurely trail run with my sorta-cousin, Adam Hirschkatz, who was in Austin for a family-ish reunion.  Just minutes into the run I passed an old large Labrador-looking dog that was with its owner.  It seems I startled the pooch and it snapped at my, latching onto my hip.  The owner was as shocked as I was and very apologetic, the dog seemed scared (I had evidently startled it), and I just wanted to be on my way with the run.  I checked for the dog’s vaccination tags, which it had, accepted the apologies, the stupidly continued with the run without so much as getting the owner’s phone number.

A couple miles later I realized the bite was more significant that first thought.  After the run – yep, we finished the scheduled course in good time and good spirits – I returned home briefly enough to show off my wounds to our assembled out-of-town family members, then headed off to urgent care (what turned out to be the first of three emergency room visits resulting from running adventures in the span of a few months).

I was rightfully scolded by just about everyone for not getting the owner’s info, reporting the incident, etc but survived without an issues, other than the distinctive scarring across my ass.

Here’s the damage, when fresh:

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