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“Toughest Race in Texas” 10K

April 4, 2009

The “Toughest Race in Texas” was one of my earliest trail running successes.  By that, I mean I was able to push hard from start to finish, pass more people than passed me, and finish in a long, strong sprint.  Writing this on June 2, 2011, I realize it wasn’t the longest race, hardest course, best field of competitors, or roughest conditions.  But, it was very hilly on a technical course and getting 21st out of 139 runners was a real accomplishment.  Though 51:12 may not sound fast for a 10K (my current 10K PR is 9 minutes faster), there’s really no comparing trail to road.  Or, for that matter, one trail course to another.

That’s me in the grey.  I had just passed the guy in white behind me and was able to pass one of the other two in the final stretch.  The guy in the red beat me by 1 second, which isn’t so bad considering his road 10K was about 3 minutes faster than me at the time.


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