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I am not Chris Traeger (but I sure like the cut of his jib )

June 5, 2011

First, June random goal update:

Pull-ups: 36 today / 229 June

Push-ups: 166 today / 973 June

Ok, so Alison has pointed out there may be the smallest of similarities between me and Rob Lowe’s “Chris Traeger” character on Parks and Recreation.  I can’t say she is entirely wrong.  I do love vegetable loaves.

This just came to mind after I found myself laying face down on the living room floor after a day of hard running, throwing kids across swimming pools, and generally wearing myself out however I could.  Just minutes before finding myself face down on the floor I had washed down my 3rd bowl of hearty tofu stew (just like beef stew, but with tofu!) with some heart-healthy, Shiner ale.  But, then I remembered that I had only done 100 push-ups and 24 pull-ups so far today, well short of the minimum daily average needed to meet my June goal.  So, I sucked it up and got to the final 66 push-ups of the day, especially proud that I did so without any vomit leaking out, then headed to the pull-up bar in the bedroom closet, where I cranked out 8, then 4 to finish out the day.  Yeah, that’s how I do it.  Now I’m going to get back to the last of the chocolate cake that I secreted away so Al and Sagan wouldn’t get it.

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