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Good test ahead tomorrow

June 22, 2011

Pull-ups: 72 today / 883 June

Push-ups: 225 today / 4,032 June

No run today, as planned.  Upped the pull-ups and push-ups a bit and threw in some core for good measure.  I expected my legs to be tired after yesterday but didn’t feel it much this morning.  My shoulders and chest, on the other hand, feel pretty shredded every morning now but once I ease into the day I find that the strength training isn’t a problem.

Tomorrow is a 7M pace session should be a good challenge.  Halfway rested, 7 miles at marathon pace wouldn’t (or at least shouldn’t) be particularly taxing.  With yesterday’s 4+ hour run, preceded by 6M on Monday and 7M (including the mile repeats) on Sunday, and I’m not exactly race fresh.  But that’s the idea – running for increasing distances at marathon pace on tired legs may be the best way to simulate how I’ll feel 15 or 18 or 22 miles into the actual race.  If I can’t hold 7M at race pace at this point in the training, I’m probably doing something wrong.  That said, nothing is a given and I don’t expect the workout to be a breeze.  If key workouts didn’t come with a little bit of uncertainty, a sense that I’d be genuinely testing my fitness and progress, there’s hardly be any reason to do them at all.

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