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7M Marathon-pace run

June 23, 2011

Pull-ups: 36 today / 919 June

Push-ups:  175 today / 4,207 June

It looks like I’m roughly where I need to be mid-way through Week 4 of the 18 week plan.  Today’s 7 miles at marathon goal pace was on target, with the distance taking 51:43.  That comes to a 7:23/M pace, which is actually about 5 seconds per mile faster than what I’m shooting for in St. George.  And, while I did this run on the treadmill, I wanted an honest test so I chose a random “course” that interspersed about 3 miles with incline of 2-3%.  In St. George, in contrast, most miles will actually have a slight decline so hopefully that will help me stay on pace as my energy starts to go later in the race.


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