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Much needed two-a-day

June 24, 2011

Pull-ups: 52 today / 971 June

Push-ups:  175 today / 4,382 June

For the last few years, each spring I’ve recommitted myself to swimming.  I started out this season with about a dozen lap swimming sessions in the first few weeks, convinced I was going to keep it up all summer.  But, with some out-of-town trips and the the more structured and increasing run training, again I backed off the swimming.  Today I decided to get back in the water and I’m glad I did.  Rather than tiring me out for my afternoon downhill running, it invigorated me.  The 1-mile swim was super slow (39 minutes) but it really helped loosen me up, the water felt great and even an easy mile is a real workout.

After a meal break and some down time, I hit the 5M decline treadmill run, which took about 35 minutes.  Again, not a killer (with the decline, the effort was more like 8+min/M on flat).  Around the swim and run I got in a bit more than the daily quota of push-ups and pull-ups and after some food I was back in the water, this time for an hour of kid-throwing-gun-squirting-raft-wrestling fun.

A very nice, very full, very active day and I feel stronger and happier for it.  With the weekly, always challenging mile repeats on Sunday and a step up in mileage next week, the day off running tomorrow looks just right.


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