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1000 Pull-Ups in 25 Days – Done!

June 25, 2011

Pull-ups: 29 today / 1000 June

Push-ups:  175 today / 4,557 June

With 5 days to spare, today I hit my very arbitrary June goal for 1000 pull-ups.  The daily pressure to get them in, despite run training and the rest of life, made at least a couple hundred of them feel like a real chore.  But, it really didn’t turn out to be too rough, in large part due to varying grips from set to set and just knocking out 8-12 reps periodically throughout each day.  I think I’ll keep doing them this way, though probably not every day.

Now, on to the last of the 5,000 push-ups for the month, which I expect to hit no later than Tuesday.

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  1. britta permalink

    June’s almost over…what’s the July goal? I’m totally down for a fitness challenge…modified to be less crazy than yours, of course.

    • randallmike permalink

      Britta – Haha, thanks for keeping me moving forward with the goal-setting. I’m not yet sure if I’ll have an quantifiable monthly goal but there will certainly be many daily tests. The running schedule steps up again in July, which will be quite a challenge. I’m considering throwing out the schedule for a a week or so in the second half of July (I’ll be in the Rockies) and instead just putting in a high mileage week – maybe something like 80 miles over 4-5 days. But, I’m open to suggestions. One I have considered is 300 minutes of plank in a month. That would be roughly on par with the pull-ups/push-ups, considering 3 minutes is about the max I can currently go. And other ideas? You still running?

  2. Britta permalink

    I figured you’d go with something targeted towards core strength. Plank is a good one; lots of variations to keep it tough. Your goals have inspired me, so I think I’ll try it! I’m setting a goal that’s just a tiny bit smaller than yours…. I’ve been averaging about 50-60 running miles a month since the start of the year, so in July I’m aiming for 70+ miles. I’m also kinda obsessed with pushups at the moment, so maybe I’ll also do a pushup goal, something like 50 a day (on toes only, no knees). But yeah, I’m still running; it’s not anything near your level, but I really enjoy it and love tracking my progress. I also do Pilates twice a week, a once-weekly spinning class, lots of hikes and dog walks, and some home workouts for arms and core. I love getting outside and wearing myself out. Plus it helps me rationalize my margaritas and white wine. I’ve also lost about 15 pounds since January, so that’s added incentive, too.
    What part of the Rockies will you be visiting in July? Come run in Montana sometime!

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