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More Mile Repeats – 5 at 6:22/M

June 26, 2011

Pull-ups: 0 today (yup, zero!)/ 1,000 June

Push-ups:  175 today / 4,732 June

Today’s session was tough.  It is really only in the last month that I’ve consistently been doing structured, relatively fast running and it isn’t exactly fun.  My preference, like most runners, is to just go out and run a comfortable pace for as long as it feels good, preferably somewhere with a view.  Cranking the treadmill up to the predetermined 9.4MPH for 6 minutes, 22 seconds, then walking for 3 minutes and going again is tough, both mentally and physically.  Today I did that 5 times and that 5th rep was some real pain.  Even with warm-up, walk recovery between reps, and cool down, the whole workout was something under 8 miles but the toll on my body was easily like a casually run half marathon.

I’m running my mile repeats a bit faster than what I’d expect I could do for a flat 5K race pace (I’ve never actually run such a race), which might be faster than necessary to get the benefit.  But, I’d rather err on the side of running the too fast in the speed sessions than too slow.  I’ll have plenty of time for slow miles on the long run days and the recovery runs.

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