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LSD (Long Slow Distance): It’s what I’m on.

July 5, 2012

I’ve been taking it a little easier this week to recover from the last few.  Casual short runs on Monday (4m) and Tuesday (6m), then a solid effort on the rolling single track up at Batasso yesterday (7.6m).  What used to count for major running – 4-8 miles a day with some heat and altitude and trail terrain – now truly feels like a series of recovery days.  That’s pretty cool.

Though I do still put in a bit of effort within the framework of increasing mileage, most of what I’m doing is just running often and as much as I can handle physically while still taking care of the rest of life.  I think that I’ll be able to work up to legitimate “high mileage” if my build continues as it has.  It’ll be interesting if I’m right – if I can handle 15-20 mile days 5-6 days a week, with the occasional really long day thrown in.

Today I felt good enough to push the distance a bit again and pieced together about 16.5 miles, mostly solo but I was able to join up with Marty K. and Dave S. for a few miles along Boulder Creek.  I just kind of cruised, slowly, taking in some Adam Carolla and Endurance Planet podcast episodes.

It never felt easy, exactly, but I never really felt tired and when I got home, after a shake and shower, I headed downtown with Story.  Just dad and baby girl, hopping on the SK!P bus and walking for miles up and down and around Pearl Street.  Lunch at Hapa Sushi, iced coffee at Trident, and ducking into shops and people watching.  A 12-pound smiling drooler snuggled up in a wrap on a guy is quite the attention getter and each time I’m out with her like that I get just a taste of celebrity attention.  Good times.

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