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Another easy day before a big weekend + Dinner delivered from 1000 miles away

July 6, 2012

Easy 40 minutes through the foothills, with just enough climbing and rocky single-track to call it a trail run.  With big days planned up in the high mountains tomorrow and the next day I wanted to make sure I didn’t tire myself out too much.

It is SO nice having the foothills right outside out door.  In about 3 minutes I can get here:

Heading south on the Foothills Trail toward Wonderland Lake

Another shot:

And it is push-ups day.  I’ve gotten through 6 of the 8 sets (8 X 60 reps with mixed grips whenever I can fit them into the day is my routine) and will have to gut out the last 120 reps before I get too tired.  I’m finding that both push-ups and pull-ups are getting harder with the thin air and increased running.  But, as a great man (the greatest?) once said:

Al and the kids got some time out today at Amante for a walk and coffee.  And tonight is My Pie night – genuine Chicago deep dish shipped across country for our dining bliss.  $33 for a pizza seems like a lot but per mile traveled to reach our table, I’d say it is a great deal.

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