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It’s 7:30pm and I’m going to bed

July 9, 2012

I woke up lacking in motivation and it hasn’t gotten much better since.  My right ankle is either broken from the weekend or maybe just sore.  Even pull-ups didn’t set things right and you know what they say, “If pull-ups don’t make you feel better, best to just go to bed early.”.  On a side note, I’m also struggling with the the-punctuation-of-a-period-inside-a-quote-before-the-end-of-a-sentence issues.

I skipped a Monday run and instead headed out on a rocky foothills hike with Alison and Story, the latter of whom was strapped and wrapped all snuggly-like against my torso.  All three of us happily made the 2.5 mile trek, which included a mini-summit by way of Hogback Ridge, which peaks out about 1000′ over Boulder right over our neighborhood.

The hike didn’t help my ankle but it was nice to get out on trail with 3/4 of the family.  Sagan was enjoying Day 1 of this week’s space-themed camp.  So, we all had reason to celebrate the day, even if an ankle amputation is all but certain for me.

Off to bed now while the sun is still up in order to get myself up at 4am, well before the sun returns.  Assuming that my ankle is semi-functional by the time I finish my morning coffee, I’ll be hitting another early run with Matt W., this time a sunrise run of a few hours on Green Mountain and surrounding trails.

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  1. Thin air. It catches up at some point before it gets better.
    Don’t whine about the ankle though.
    Glad you went with the fam up a trip:)

    • randallmike permalink

      Olga, what’s the point of ultra-running if I can’t whine like a Russian husband? Kidding (sort of).

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