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My debut on Green Mountain

July 10, 2012

My ankle hurts but not as much as not running so I was up at 4am to get ready for my first run up Green Mountain.  For those not familiar with Green Mountain, it is the highest peak in Boulder, topping out at 8100′.  It is a favorite training ground for Anton Krupicka, one of the greatest ultra-runners of our time.  If neither Green nor Anton are familiar, check this out:

Matt W. and I were on our way at 5:15am and he lead me up the series of trails top the top, which took about 1:20.  He was running and I was speed-hiking with poles.  He was impressed I could almost keep up “just hiking” and I was impressed he could run virtually all of it with such little obvious effort.  A quick stop at the summit and we were on our way back down (which I did run).  It took us less than an hour to make it back to the start and I now have a better understanding why people so love those trails.  With the trail head an easy walk from the center of town, you can still hike 3000′ up in less than 5 miles, almost all of which is on single track of various terrain.

Green Mountain and the Boulder Flatirons

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While 2:18 for the 9.5-mile hike-run isn’t too quick, I was working the whole time and the hiking up was easily as much of a workout as running 8-something per mile pace on the flats.  Next time I’ll probably go without the poles to see how much difference they make.  Opting for some of my more stout Salomon trail shoes, I substituted stability and protection for lighter weight and better grip, resulting in a few slips, including one where I shaved some skin off my arm.  No real damage done, thankfully.

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