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A food-based dinner

July 12, 2012

This one took a little longer but can still be done from start to finish in about an hour, much of which is just waiting while the food cooks.  It is still simple enough for the average college student (even at a state school!) to cook and, as usual, costs only a couple of dollars per person even with all organic ingredients.


Veggie: broccoli, tomatoes, and carrots – to be chopped and sauteed in just a little olive oil, then a can of Amy’s tomato bisque soup added and everything simmered together

Carb: sweet potatoes – half baked in microwave, then sliced and baked in oven until slightly crispy

Protein: baked beans from a can, again from Amy’s.  I add avocado to lots of stuff – partly to get more calories and good fat – so I’ll have some sliced over the beans.

Other than the Amy’s tomato bisque soup, which has a bit of cream, the meal is vegan.

It started like this…

And ended like this…

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  1. lisa yates permalink

    Looks delish. I paid $2 for one avocado in Vt and it wasn’t even organic!

  2. Your Wife permalink

    Ah, there’s the Amy’s soup. Whew.

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