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A full morning of mountain life

July 12, 2012

I was back up at 4am for my 2nd Green Mountain summit run in 3 days, got back home to do my part of the kid morning routine, and was back out for another run around Wonderland Lake and the foothills trails near the house.  15.36 miles on the day and a total of 38 miles over the last 3 days.  While maybe that’s not a huge amount of miles, it included about 8000′ of climbing and almost all of the running was on trail, which is more interesting than the paved stuff but also adds an extra element of full-body and mental fatigue.

Oh, but I should point out that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this lifestyle.  Today alone I saw mule deer, prairie dogs, chipmunks, a skunk, and all sorts of birds.  I was able to enjoy the sunrise, the cool shady trails of the mountain, and the sunny blue sky during the 2nd run.  Yeah, I got to run for over 3 hours but I also I was able to spend time with both my kids and get Sagan off to camp and catch up on some work and help around the house, all before 11am.

It’s worth mentioning that none of this would be possible without Alison’s support.  I really am thankful that she’s on board with changing things up and giving Boulder a shot.  So far it has been exactly what I was hoping for – all the comforts and conveniences of a major American city without the suburban/commercial/consumerist wasteland, with mountain trails and parks and local restaurants and interesting people everywhere you go.

  1. You’ve been surely blogging a lot (not to mention running). Not doing your work anymore? Outsourced? Family? Alison still didn’t kick you out? Sagan remembers your name? Story doesn’t cry when you try to pick her up? 🙂

    • I’m still working but that’s not much fun to blog about. I figure I’m running/doing fitness-y things about 3 hours a day and blogging up to an hour a day. That leaves 20 hours a day to do everything else, which is quite a bit of time. Even if I sleep 9 of those 20 hours, I still have 11 hours a day to get my professional work done, shuttle the kids around, cook meals for the family, take care of household duties and errands, socialize, and explore town with the family. And I multi-task: laundry and dishes and cooking while Story is strapped to me, blogging while food is simmering, running while sleeping, etc.

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