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Vegan meal by accident

July 25, 2012

For dinner last night, then lunch today, I had a meal that includes many of my staple foods: sweet potatoes, kale, and beans.  Good, hearty stuff that fills me up and works well for left-overs.  And, as a big eater, the dishes scale well – not much more work to make 10 servings than 4, which is good because I’ve had 4 full plates that look just like the photo below since last night.

Dish 1: Bean salad – Black beans, garbanzo beans, red beans, diced green chilies,  red wine vinegar, mixed together.  Topped with avocado.

Dish 2: Golden and sweet potatoes, half baked in microwave, chopped coarsely with skin kept on along with an onion, tossed with olive oil, diced garlic, and the Simon and Garfunkel Scarborough Fair spice blend, and baked until browned in the oven.

Dish 3: Kale, chopped and sauteed in olive oil and water until soft, then stewed for a bit with a can of Amy’s tomato bisque soup (which has a touch of cream so substitute for something else if strictly vegan).

This meal has it all, nutritionally.  A mix of quality protein, carbs, fats, and all sorts of vitamins and minerals.  More importantly (for most folks), it tastes good and the 3 components can be divvied up for other meals and in all sorts of configurations.  For example, the bean salad could easily have corn or pinto beans or black eyed peas or lentils included, as well as just about any kind of spices.  Instead of kale, that recipe works just as well with spinach or chopped broccoli or peas.  And the potato dish can be just about any kind of root veggie and spice mix.

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