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My biggest running day in Colorado, so far

July 26, 2012

Run 1 (starting 9am): 11 miles, 2:43, ~3,500′ of climbing

Run2 (starting 8:30pm): 13.4 miles, 3:00, ~3,250′ of climbing

Total for the day: 24.4 miles, 5:43, ~6,750′ of climbing

I’ve run more miles in a day quite a few times but never with this sort of vertical.  The morning run included another summit of Green Mountain, along with some out-and-back pieces of intersecting trails off of the Flagstaff-to-Ute-to-Ranger-to-summit route that has quickly become a staple.  Tonight I ran the entire Mesa Trail out-and-back, in the dark.  Both of today’s runs were solo.

I’m feeling ok – no real aches or pains but the slow pace with all the hills and technical terrain over the last week have me mentally drained.  I just noticed that I’ve covered more than 90 miles over the last 7 days, with moving time of over 19 hours and something in the neighborhood of 20k’ vertical.  That’s enormous volume for me.  I’m really happy that I’m continuing to hold up so well, really getting stronger with almost every run.

A shake, shower, more food, and some sleep will do me good.  More adventure tomorrow!

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